Moving made simple with Swift-Move & the-Propertyfinder

 “Supporting local home-movers & their chosen Agent ”.


1st Solution-
Buying again? We can buy your house at the price you are looking for.

2nd Solution-  
Selling a house? We can buy your buyers house so they can buy yours.

3rd Solution-     
Just need to sell and will accept 10-15% less than your asking price.   
(Please call us before you reduce the asking price of the property).

4th Solution 
Refurbishment needed to maximise saleability- we’ll pay for the works       
required subject to an agreeable profit share on completion of the sale.

5th  Solution
Rent or Buy? Would you rent if you could buy- Only 5% deposit required  using the-Propertyfinder

Specialising in the purchase of starter homes, to encourage more movement in the property market –

Whilst we are a group of property buyers, we also have First Time Buyers & other non-sale dependent buyers who are choosing to take advantage of our Property Finding Service & Home Buyer Incentive Scheme. 

As the cost of buying has increased so much, too many potential buyers are now considering renting as they can’t afford to buy. As you also know this in-turn is having consequences for property chains throughout the country.
Our Home Buyer Incentive Scheme is specifically designed to help subsidise the purchase costs for these essential buyers. We find out what each buyer needs to enable them to buy and then locate a suitable property. We then negotiate a package to cover such costs as a 5% gifted deposit or mortgage lenders & broker fees, survey and conveyance costs and or any improvement works required on the property, all in agreement with their lender and their chosen conveyance team.


1st solution,
Buying again and need to sell your house before you can buy again?            
Why wait?  We can buy your house at the price you are looking for, so you can buy the house you want.

Introducing the Swift-Move CHAIN BUILDER

If you have a property to sell prior to buying again with an asking price of up-to £120,000 you can secure a sale with us at the price you require, ensuring you have the maximum equity/deposit to buy again.

Each sale we secure for someone who is buying again can enable a complete chain to move and so we find that any sum we need to pay you, that’s over and above our valuation on your property can normally be recovered from the connecting chain you are buying from.

Whilst this is not always possible, we have access to a growing number of properties where the vendors would reimburse us,  some of which are offering our Swift-Move option (See 2nd solution below) where we are already offering to buy their buyers house (up-to £110k).

2nd solution,
Too many potential buyers have chosen to resist viewing homes until their house is on the market or sold.                                                                                      

All vendors who are selling can now offer their potential buyers our     

Swift-Move solutions

where we buy their buyers house
at a price that will be acceptable to them (up-to £120k), ensuring a quick move with less fuss.

How it works;
1, The potential buyers confirm the price that they need to sell their own house for. Further negotiation may be required.

2, An Assisted Sale valuation (based on an expected 4-6 week sale price) is carried out on the potential buyer’s house. We then report back to you.

3, The vendor and connecting chain would then need to consider subsidising (from their completion monies) the difference between the Assisted Sale Valuation and the price we need to offer to ensure everyone can look forward to an earlier move. After you‘ve discussed figures with the vendor, we can offer to buy their buyers property.

An example of a potential buyer who needs to sell before they can buy again;

FOR SALE                        










£ 5,000

All that is required to offer Swift-Move is your client's property details (No signature is required until exchange of contracts).
The £185 reg. fee is waived for your 1st 10 clients.


3rd solution,


For vendors who just want to sell quickly.


1, We can offer to buy your property for £  negotiated via your agent.


2, We will select one of our clients to purchase the property, which will be negotiated via your estate agent.

We have an increasing number of buyers who are choosing to take advantage of our property finding service & home buyer incentive scheme.  The cost of buying has increased so much that many potential buyers are now choosing to rent as they can’t afford to buy. This in-turn has consequences for property chains throughout the country; however our home buyer incentive scheme is specifically designed to assist these potential buyers by way of subsidising their purchase costs, such as their mortgage lenders & broker fees, survey, conveyance costs and any improvement works required on the property.

To enable us to provide our services, we will invoice you (the seller) for the selling price achieved over and above the agreed £ which enables us to subsidise the home buyer incentive for your buyer.  This also represents our commission for securing the sale for you.

Why not put us to the test- we have absolute confidence in our abilities.

The £185 registration fee will be waived for your 1st 10 clients. 
Local contact; Grant Kangley  077 889 32 889

4th Solution
Refurbishment needed to improve profit & saleability- we’ll pay for the works.                    
Please also click on   Improve & Move
Simply put, many properties would sell easier and for a lot more money if a few improvements could be completed. We can complete the necessary improvements at our own expense if you can settle our invoice once the sale has been completed.


Current expected selling price with the improvements required


New expected selling price once the £2,000 improvements are completed


Potential profit

£ 15,000

Our bonus/incentive which would have been agreed prior to the commencement of any works, as well as the above £2,000 home improvements invoice £4,000

NO BRAINER; the client potentially makes £11,000 and the property is easier to sell.

Also ask about our Home Improvement Buyer Incentives.

5th Solution

Rent or Buy?

First time Buyer?

Want to buy, but not got all the deposit? We have many sellers who would pay towards your deposit, if you could buy the un-sold property in their chain. Huge selection of great properties available.

Introducing the Swift-Move CHAIN BUILDER
You may only need a 5% deposit to buy.

As a Swift-Move buyer you could enable a whole chain to move house and so any help you need, can normally be negotiated from the chain you are buying from.

Whilst this is not always possible, we have access to a growing number of properties where the vendors are more than ready to assist you.

It’s a buyers market & prices are low. 

Become a Swift-Move buyer & you could take advantage of:-
Vendor gifted and third party assisted discounts & deposits.
Conveyance & mortgage fees paid.
Up to 12 months mortgage paid.
Home improvement allowance.

 “Just ask”
We have a 1st class mortgage team- ready to show you your options.
It’s could be a great time to get your feet on the property ladder whilst building up equity in your own home.